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IKER should run on any POSIX-compatible operating system. ESPER still can be build too, but real-time traffic processing is tested only on FreeBSD, however PCAP mode should work anywhere too.

In general you must get the tarball, check its integrity and authenticity and run redo.

$ [fetch|wget]
$ [fetch|wget]
$ gpg --verify gostipsec-v1.0.0-6-g6225594.tar.zst.sig gostipsec-v1.0.0-6-g6225594.tar.zst
$ zstd --decompress --stdout gostipsec-v1.0.0-6-g6225594.tar.zst | tar xf -
$ cd gostipsec-v1.0.0-6-g6225594
$ redo all